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The limited liability company "Scientific-production Association "Transport Cybernetics" (LLC "SPA "TC") was established on 3 April 2015.

The main activities of the Society:
Conducting research activities in the field of information and computer technologies, space technologies and telecommunications, the application of the results of research on the transport.
Scientific-research and experimental-design works in the field: the development and creation of automatic control systems, automatic devices and systems (technological, measuring and information on transport), automation of commercial and financial operations, including accounting and reporting.

In the framework of the research activities, the Company carries out:
3.Commercialization of results of Research and Designing by:
paid orders right to results of intellectual activity;
provide consulting and other services or perform scientific research and (or) designing activities within the innovation priorities;
production and sales of goods which are the results of Research and (or) Designing;
creation (participation in the creation of legal persons, including the introduction of results of Research and (or) Designing or rights to the related intellectual property in their authorized capital (property) followed by participation in the distribution of profits (dividends) from the activities of legal entities;
other types of support activities necessary for the implementation of Research, Designing and commercialization of their results.

Currently, the Company pursues:
Research on the use of GLONASS/GPS/GSM/ZigBee/RFID/Satellite communication systems in transport to optimize road, rail, multimodal (intermodal)and cross-border  traffic.
Designing and certification of electronic systems to control the state of infrastructure, vehicles and their cargo are material values -
High Security Seals (Seals ISO17712) and and Electronic Seals (GOST R 55557:2013 (ISO 18185:2007), GOST 31315:2013) - CyberCAT (eSeals).
Designing of local cybernetic system integrity control electronic ocking and sealing devices on the vehicle and the cargo train - CyberCar.
Designing of a monitoring system safety equipment freight cars - CyberVan.
Production and implementation of GLONASS, GPS, GSM, ZigBee tracking system for the operation of freight wagons (with a battery life of 12 years) - CyberTrack.
Certification, testing and preparation for production of a control system for the transport of dangerous goods (chlorine and ammonia) - CyberChlor.

The company's products in the most understandable form are presented in the video: