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  Sapronov Andrey Yurievich - member of the limited liability Company "Scientific-production Association "Transport Cybernetics".


Solving problems: Backend servers development, communications protocols, datacenter issues, cryptography and security, IT infrastructure.


Activity: Software development and adoption. Hardware production department management. DataCenter and Big Data Solutions.


Key experience: More than 10 years experience in hardware production, HPC.


Education: Far Easten State Trancportation University, App. Math.


Scientific publications:

A. Sapronov, V. Amelkin SOLUTIONS FOR GRID AND HPC SYSTEMS &HIGH-PERFORMANCE SERVERS. The Third International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education". Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Dubna. 30 June - 4 July, 2008.


Preprint No. 110. CC FEB RAS, 2007. 34C. Preprint CC Feb RAS. No. 83, 2005. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Dubna. 2008.

Articles in scientific journals: Peresvetov V. V., Sapronov A. Yu., Tarasov A. G., Shapovalov T. S. Remote access to the computing cluster computing centre Feb RAS // Computational technologies.

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Smagin S. I., A. Sapronov Yu., Tarasov A.G., Shapovalov T. S. the Experience of building a GRID network of Feb RAS. Modern information technologies for scientific research. Proceedings of international conference, Magadan, 20-24 April 2008. - Magadan: swnz Feb RAS, 2008. - Pp. 23-24

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Tarasov A. G., A. Sapronov Yu., Shapovalov T. S. The use of XEN virtualizationsystem on computer clusters // VIII all-Russian conference of young scientists on mathematical modeling and information technologies.

The application for issuance of a patent for Invention of the Russian Federation Electronic sealing device reusable (EPU MD) No. 2015100695 BX. No. 000995 on January 12, 2015